About Us

How It Began



It all started back in 2011 on a family vacation to Greece to reconnect with his roots. After just a few trips back and forth, he fell in love with the street food of Athens.  He loved it so much that he knew he had to bring the real deal Greek experience back to New York and share it with the people in his home town (Go Raiders!).  So he set out to make New York’s most authentic Greek Gyro.

Fresh Ingredients



First things first, start with the very best ingredients.  Our meats are top quality, USDA certified.  No mystery meat by-products. No dyes. No preservatives. No MSG and No fillers, so they’re gluten free.  Our veggies are hand selected, fresh and delicious. Our sauces are made with aromatic pure and natural herbs and spices.  Our pitas are baked to perfection.  And all of our gyros are customizable so you’re the boss.
And so our signature gyro- “The Georgy” was born.”  It’s a feat of modern simplicity, yet steeped in centuries of Greek tradition. We serve it the authentic Greek way—fries on the inside! They’re nestled with your choice of three mouth-watering gyro meats, ripe juicy tomatoes and crisp red onion, bathed in fresh tzatziki, all wrapped in a warm delicious pita. 

Friendly Service



A healthy, portable meal that has all four food groups.  It’ll make your heart warm and your belly full. But whether you enjoy our gyros authentic Greek style or put your own twist on it, you'll definitely call them delicious, but be sure to pronounce it “YEE-roh” So come on in, and let our friendly staff show you some warm Greek hospitality in our brand new clean modern gyro spot, or take some home if you’re on the go.  And if you can’t get here, we deliver! Either way, you’re gonna love ‘em! 
 Growing up his friends called him George the Greek but from now on he’ll be known as
Georgy Gyros.